Home2L - Python API  v1.0-0-g010f* (2020-02-07)
Clever Tools for a Private Smart Home
Here is a list of all modules:
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 EnvironmentAccess configuration parameters and query environment properties
 ResourcesThe Home2L Resources library
 Main APITop-level functionality of the Resources library - most commonly used functions can be found here
 Values, Types and StatesBasic definitions for values and their types and state
 Resource ObjectsAccessing resource objects
 Directory ServicesQuerying local metadata (for interactive debugging)
 SubscriptionsLow-level access to the C/C++ subscriber classes
 RequestsLow-level access to the C/C++ request class
 Home2LTop-level of the Home2L Python package
 GeneralGeneral functions of the Home2L package
 TimeDate and time helpers
 RulesRunning functions on resource events/updates or at certain times
 DriversDefining custom drivers for resources