Home2L - C/C++ API  v1.0-4-g7904 (2020-05-08)
Clever Tools for a Private Smart Home
Here is a list of all modules:
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 CommonCommon definitions and classes for all Home2L components
 BasicsSome very basic definitions and functions
 LoggingMacros for logging
 HeapType-safe and null-pointer-aware heap operations
 LanguageLocalization and translation
 StringsHelper functions and classes for string handling
 ContainersLightweight container classes for dictionaries and key sets
 Date and TimeVarious defitions related to date and time handling
 TimersScheduling timed and/or repeated operations
 Threads and SynchronizationWrapping classes related to threads and synchronization
 ShellsShell classes to run and iteract with external processes
 PhoneWrapper for IP phone functionality
 StreamerWrapper for media streaming functionality (audio via GStreamer)
 EnvironmentAccess configuration parameters and query environment properties
 Static SettingsGlobal compile-time settings
 HelpersDirect access to basic environment properties and pathname helpers
 GeneralInit/done and persistence
 Dynamic SettingsAccessing and managing the environment dictionary
 DeclarationDeclaring environment parameters used in your code with automatic documentation
 ResourcesThe Home2L Resources library
 Main APITop-level functionality of this library - most commonly used functions can be found here
 Values, Types and StatesBasic definitions for values and their types and state
 Resource ObjectsAccessing resource objects
 SubscriptionsSubscribing to resources to read their values
 RequestsPlacing requests to change resource values
 DriversDefining custom drivers
 Directory ServicesQuerying local metadata directories (for shells or service tools)
 BrowniesThe Home2L Brownies library
 Host LibraryLinux host library to use and communicate with Brownies
 InterfaceSpecification of the microcontroller-host interface: two-wire bus protocol, register map, common constants etc.
 Communication ProtocolCommunication message formats and Brownie status codes (EBrStatus)
 Brownie MemoryReference documentation of the Brownie virtual memory organization
 Brownie RegistersReference documentation of the Brownie register map
 Microcontroller: Feature SelectionMicrocontroller firmware feature options
 Microcontroller: Pin AssignmentsDefinitions for pin assignments
 Microcontroller: APIMicrocontroller firmware basic modules, relevant for implementing new features
 UI ToolkitLightweight UI toolkit based on SDL2
 BaseBasic types and functionalities
 ScreenScreen and widget management
 WidgetsCollection of UI widgets
 ExtensionsWidget Extensions
 ButtonPush-button widgets
 ListboxListbox widget
 MenuMenu widget and function
 Message BoxMessage box widget and functions
 Input LineInput line widget
 SliderHorizontal or vertical slider
 WallClockAPI to implement new WallClock applets
 SystemAccessing system-specific functionalities and hardware
 FloorplanFloorplan visualization
 Alarm ClockInteracting with the integrated alarm clock
 PhoneInteracting with the phone applet
 Music PlayerInteracting with the music player
 AppletsManaging applets